Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie
Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie
Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Ass Webs and Armor Pooping

We’re all about excrement this week on Funnybooks!  From ass webs to armor pooping, Aron, Paul, Wayne, Jonathon, and Tim chat about the week’s comics through a crappy Skype connection.

  • Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1
  • Heroic Age: Prince of Power #3
  • Avengers #3
  • New Avengers #2
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #3
  • Amazing Spider-Man #638 (OMIT)
  • New Mutants #15
  • X-Men Phoenix Force Handbook
  • Thunderbolts #126
  • Welcome to Tranquility #1
  • Dark Wolverine #88
    • Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour
    • Neonomicon #1
    • Time Lincoln #1
  • Getting into Comics E-Mail from Liam ODC

NOTE: Skype was giving us fits as we recorded.  Clarity was in and out.  Also, we endured a certain amount of lag.  Apologies that the sound quality is not up to our usual standards.