So in the last couple of days we’ve seen some more large Batman-title related announcements.

  • Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason on Batman and Robin
  • Tony Daniel as writer/artist on Batman
  • JT Krul and Nikola Scott on Teen Titans (with Damian Wayne joining the team)
  • Scott Snyder and an undecided artist on Detective Comics

A couple of days ago, I talked about my distaste of introducing a new Batman ongoing in David Finch’s The Dark Knight title.  I still hold by that, and wanted to comment on the newer announcements…

Detective Comics doesn’t have an artist yet – why not make Tony Daniel the artist on the title?  While I enjoyed Battle for the Cowl, I do have to admit that his writing work on the Batman title has been severely disappointing.  Looks like I’ll definitely be dropping that one come November.

Scott Snyder on Detective Comics.  A lot of people like his American Vampire book from Vertigo, but it didn’t really impress me.  Honestly, unless they come up with a stellar artist (which is highly doubtful), I may be out of Detective Comics as well.

Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason in Batman and Robin is absolutely inspired.  Sign me up.  I LOVE this creative team (they worked on Green Lantern Corps for a long time), and think they’re a perfect fit.  Absolutely excited about this announcement, maybe as much as the Finch announcement.

I don’t buy Teen Titans (I let Tim take that bullet for me), but I like JT Krul (no clue on Nikola Scott), and I’m curious as to what bringing Damian Wayne will do the team dynamic.  I might be picking this one up.  Kinda sucks that Beast Boy is STILL on the team though – kill that guy!

As for Grant Morrison?  Sadly, it seems like he’s not done with the Bat-Universe yet.  DC says to wait “a couple of days” for further announcements.  Great…another title?  Maybe he’ll be writing the further adventures of Dick Grayson?