Hello Gamers,

Dig out The Crow soundtrack, Masterbook is coming back! The RPG Blog II has news that Precis Intermedia has acquired the rights to West End Games’ Shatterzone, Masterbook, and Bloodshadows. They are planning on reprints, with cards. This is great news for traditional gamers. If you are not familiar with those games, they used both dice and a deck of special cards for their resolution mechanic. Masterbook was the overall generic system used by a number of games, including an Indiana Jones game. Shatterzone was a Masterbook based game (actually it used the same system without calling itself Masterbook) that was like a cross between Star Wars and Cyberpunk with four armed hot chicks. Bloodshadows was a noir horror game, imagine 1930s LA with zombies.

My friends and I had a blast with the Masterbook games back in the ’90s. In fact I ran a Bloodshadows game involving a severed hand that scarred my little brother for life. I cannot wait to see them back in print.