Tragically Trad: Knockspell

Knockspell is a gaming magazine published by Black Blade Publishing. Knockspell focuses on the older editions of D&D, specifically OD&D (cloned by Swords and Wizardry), Basic D&D (cloned by Labyrinth Lord) and, AD&D (cloned by OSRIC). The magazine is more professionally organized than most of the other old school magazines and has the feel of […]

Tragically Trad: How I Roll

I thought I would take some time to talk about the game I am currently running, and how I go about doing it. I am currently running a campaign using Michael Curtis’s Stonehell megadungeon, I have set the dungeon in Amacuifrom the Points of Light II hexcrawl setting collection. Both Stonehell and Points of Light […]

Tragically Trad: Yesterday's News

Hello Gamers, Dig out The Crow soundtrack, Masterbook is coming back! The RPG Blog II has news that Precis Intermedia has acquired the rights to West End Games’ Shatterzone, Masterbook, and Bloodshadows. They are planning on reprints, with cards. This is great news for traditional gamers. If you are not familiar with those games, they […]

Tragically Trad: 1971

Hey gamers! I am sitting here in my “Free Angela!” T-Shirt, listening to “All Things Must Pass”. It’s 1971, and boy is it a rough year. USA and USSR agree not to detonate nukes on the ocean floor (your house is still a valid target); Lt. Calley is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail […]