Whhhhhaaaaaaa?  A Devil May Cry reboot?  A new Ninja Gaiden?  And would you really shell out hard earned cash for a movie made entirely out of….video game cut scenes?  All this and more in the newest awesome edition of VIDEO GAME MADNESS!  Click below for all the awesome goodness!

Devil May Cry: Yup, ol’ Dante is getting a new hairdo.  Under the “hip” new moniker DMC, the beloved franchise is getting new, even cooler look.  Sure, we still have the same shootin’ action, but with a very different visual style.  Not entirely sure what to make of the new Dante (is this all in his head?), but check out the teaser trailer below.  More info here.

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Cut Scene Movies: You know how we’ve been saying for years that, if someone took all the cutscenes of our favorite games (especially the Uncharted games), it’d make a pretty awesome movie?  Activision agrees, apparently.  I think the idea is great, but only if they actually put together additional “movie only” cutscenes that make the story, you know, make sense.  In reality, if you splice together all the cutscenes of a game without the actual game footage, you miss a good bit of story.

Dead Rising 2.5: In case you haven’t already played the pretty cool “prequel” to Dead Rising 2 (now available on XBL), there’s also plans for an epilogue to the game that will feature the protagonist from the first game teaming up with the one from the second to take out zombies!  Kind of like the Left4Dead 2 downloadable epilogue, actually.  More here.

Alice: Madness Returns: It bums me out a little that I never played American McGee’s Alice, a dark take on the Alice in Wonderland story, featuring a mentally unstable Alice returning down the rabbit hole.  Hopefully, we’ll see the game return as downloadable content (don’t think it was ever released on a console) in time for Alice: Madness Returns, the upcoming sequel.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures: Wait…where did this come from?  A Star Wars: Clone Wars free online MMO?  Kind of surprised there hasn’t been more press on this, seeing as how it’s out, you know, now.  Check it out here.

Ninja Gaiden III: Let’s hope it’s not impossible to beat like the Ninja Gaiden III for the original Nintendo.  More here.