VGM: Castlevania – Lords of Shadow

Ya know, I’d like to say I love the Castlevania series, but, in retrospect, I’m not sure I really do.  The only game I’ve played through to completion is Castlevania 64, the first 3-D entry in the franchise that everyone seems to hate.  I loved Super Castlevania, and the first and third games in the […]

Video Game Madness: The Thing 2?

Thanks to Matt for pointing this out to me. While fans of John Carpenter’s 1982 classic The Thing wait with anticipation for next year’s “prequel,” it seems like we’ll never (especially at this point) get a sequel to the original movie.  MacCready and Childs sit out in the snow, unsure if either is the creature, […]

Video Game Madness: Demo Roundup!

You know, demos are the new video game rentals.  I don’t like paying the high prices of video game rentals, and places like Gamefly seem to always be out of stock of the games I want to rent until they’ve been out for a while.  It seems to me that many video game companies are […]

Video Game Madness: Batman: Arkham City

Most people say that 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of, if not the, best superhero game of all time.  And I feel the same way – really, the game is so damn fantastic, I can honestly say that it’s the only time I can think of in recent memory where the hype actually was […]