Man, I really hate missing out on some of these awesome comic conventions, like NYCC and SDCC.  I mean, sure you have to deal with a ton of crowds and non-comic related crap (mostly at SDCC), but you also get a ton of AWESOME comic book news!  It’s only been one day and already I’m excited about a ton of fantastic announcements!

$2.99 Comics -Yeah, we’re losing two story pages (comics will now be 20 pages) but so what?  We get our comics back down to $2.99, and really, do those 2 pages make much of a difference considering all the decompressed storytelling lately?  I’m totally for this decision! (DCU Blog)

Godzilla! IDW is going to be publishing Godzilla comics starting in 2011.  Apparently, the series will also include Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Rodan also.  They’ve only released a promotional image by Eric Powell, but no creative team has been announced…yet.  I really hope IDW does this right – the last Godzilla comic I liked was the Arthur Adams one by Dark Horse from back in the 90’s. (CBR)

Baltimore: The Curse BellsWe’re currently really digging Baltimore: The Plague Ships from Dark Horse comics, and a second mini series is coming in 2011, also with Ben Steinbeck on art (and damn right – his art is what makes that series, along with some awesome writing from Christopher Golden).  Damn right we’re going to talk to him again before this series comes out.  (CBR)

Tons of X-Men announcements, but my favorite is that Chris Bachalo will be doing the art on the second arc of Victor Gischler’s adjectiveless X-Men book, which features the X-Men going back to New York and teaming up with Spider-Man.  Not only that, we’re going to see a post-Curse of the Mutants mini series starring Wolverine and Jubilee, by Katherine Immonen and Phil Noto.  And what’s Age of X?  Seems like it has something to do with the old Age of Apocalypse storyline. (CBR)

A peak at the upcoming Smallville 200th episode:

Astonishing X-Men by Daniel Way and Jason Pearson.  Normally, I wouldn’t bother with this book…but dammit…that creative team is just too good to pass up! (Newsarama)

Mega Man from Archie Comics?  I guess Udon lost the license.  But I might pick this up, especially with art by Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante.  Plus, Mega Man is still cool, right? (Newsarama)

Astonishing Captain America featuring art by Adi Granov, the cover artist for X-Men: Second Coming.  I’ll buy anything this guy is the artist for.  (Newsarama)

The trailer for the Green Lantern movie is going to premiere with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows – yet another reason to catch the midnight showing. (SuperheroHype).  Not only that, the teaser poster for the animated series looks REALLY promising.

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