Day two of NYCC brought with it even more great announcements!  Nothing quite on the level as some of the stuff I read about during day one, but some pretty cool stuff nonetheless!  What were my favorite announcements?

The Death of Oracle – While ominous sounding, I’d venture to say that Barbara Gordon won’t die.  However, I do think she may give up the Oracle moniker, either for returning to superhero action or to live a normal life.  Very curious to see how this one plays out.  (CBR)

A new Green Lantern title – Actually, file this under “least favorite.”  I get the movie tie-ins, but with the release of this book, we’ll be looking at FOUR monthly GL titles…is that really needed?  I have a feeling it’s probably a Red Lantern book, which intrigues me, but still.  (CBR)

Moon Knight Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev are doing a new Moon Knight series.  Good, because they’re a good team.  But bad, because 1-Scarlet sucks and 2-Vengeance of the Moon Knight was a really good series.  Wonder if Hurwitz is out completely? (CBR)

Green Lantern Secret Origin 2 Green Lantern Secret Origins 2, depicting the Fall of Sinestro, is apparently on it’s way (probably post-Brightest Day).  I really enjoyed the first one, and I bet you the sequel will be out around the time the movie comes out.  Hmmm… (Newsarama)

Young Justice – There are NO embargoes on using DC characters in this new animated series, which is great because embargoes have really hurt previous DC animated series.  The show premieres this November (Newsarama)

Infestation A crossover between Star Trek, Transformers, Ghostbusters, and G.I. Joe?  Apparently, yes, and they’ll all be fighting zombies.  I doubt we’ll see the characters cross over into each others’ books, but I’m very curious to see how IDW pulls this off (Comics Continuum)