Listened to this morning’s awesome new episode of KNIGHTS OF REIGNSBOROUGH yet?  That’s not the only podcast we’ve released this week!

Monday we dropped our newest episode of FUNNYBOOKS, where, in addition to the best new comic books, we talk about Smallville, Marvel’s new “Point One” Initiative, paying too much for crappy comic books, and the one thing that Tim, Paul and Wayne can all agree on – the one monthly book that’s been consistently good all year.

Also this week was the premiere of our brand new Magic: The Gathering podcast, CARDBOARD CRACK, hosted by Jonathan Landreth and John Anderson.  In the first episode, they make introductions, discuss States, then dive right into discussing Valakut Ramp and its place in the post-rotation Standard meta-game.  Great stuff if you’re into Magic!

Check out these podcasts and more stories here on IoM, and keep listening in every week for new episodes!  Leave comments and let us know what you think of the episodes!

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