IoM This Week!

Listened to this morning’s awesome new episode of KNIGHTS OF REIGNSBOROUGH yet?  That’s not the only podcast we’ve released this week! Monday we dropped our newest episode of FUNNYBOOKS, where, in addition to the best new comic books, we talk about Smallville, Marvel’s new “Point One” Initiative, paying too much for crappy comic books, and […]

Announcing… The IoM Forum!

Click the button to the left and descend into madness… the Ideology of Madness discussion forum, that is! A number of you have commented that you’d like a discussion board to carry on the conversations from our articles and podcast. We heard you! And ignored you for a time, but you were persistent… nagging, clawing […]

Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By

Due to technical difficulties beyond our control, part 3 of  IoM’s exclusive interview with Pimp of the Internet Tony Mast will not be seen today. Part 3 will be available tomorrow.  In the interim, please enjoy parts one, two, and a kitty. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  The parties responsible […]

No Unifying Theme Week!

Aron and I decided that, after Mice with Weapons Week, Free Comic Book Day Week, and Star Trek Week, that it was about time to have No Unifying Theme Week! We’re getting back to normal here at IoM, bringing you the latest reviews, news, and thoughts on all the things worth geeking about – comics, […]