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So a while back we told you about how the Japanese division of Warner Brothers is working on Supernatural: The Animation, a 22-episode series from Madhouse (Batman: Gotham Knight and Death Note). The project is set to remake the best episodes from the live-action television show, as well as have original episodes that will show adventures Winchester brothers’ childhood (maybe some based on the Wildstorm comic series?), and episodes featuring side characters from the TV show. Jared Padalecki has signed on to voice Sam for all 22 episode of the English dubs, with Jensen Ackles only set to voice the final two (odd choice, there). Supernatural: The Animation is due out in in Japan on February 23rd, with an English US version I’m sure sometime in 2011.

Check out a trailer for the series below!

Supernatural – Japanese Animated Preview
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I’m still trying to decide if this is awesome or not, especially with Kansas’ “Carry On My Wayward Son” playing over Japanese dialog. What say you?