Source: Bloody Disgusting

Whoa…how cool would it be to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in a new Terminator film?

If your answer was “not at all,” then we’re on the same page.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a big fan of The Schwarz, but I think he’s probably a little too old to play the Terminator, no matter how good a shape he gets in when he gets back into acting.  Not only that, the franchise has kind of written itself into a corner – if they go with the whole Salvation future timeline…well, not a good idea.  And the original timeline kind of…well, ended in Terminator 3.  And Arnold can’t exactly play the same guy he did in that movie because he’s D-E-D dead.

While I’m not sure of The Schwarz’s place in the new Terminator film, the rumors that Justin Lin (every Fast and the Furious film since part 3, Tokyo Drift) will be directing  the new film?  Perfect choice.  Though I guess that means he has nothing to do with the Highlander reboot they rumored last week.  Mixed blessing….