Kevin Smith has kind of been the talk of the town in the last year.  Between his Southwest Airlines incident, and his opinions about bloggers and media in general, as well as announcing that his next movie, about hockey, will be his last, he’s kind of been all over the internet.  Kevin Smith has put together a “horror” film that premiered at Sundance (to mixed reviews) called Red State.

In Red State, three friends (including Kyle Gallner from the Nightmare on Elm Street remake) answer an online ad to have sex (simultaneously) with a woman in a remote area of the country.  She drugs them, and they find themselves trapped by an extremist religious group.  Check out a clip below from MTV.

Red State is out on October 19th, but Smith is traveling the country showing off the film, and doing a Q&A.  Check out the official site to see if he’s coming to your town.  I’ll be attending the March 15th showing in Washington, DC!