Gonna be honest … not sure what to make of this debut trailer for X-Men: First Class, due out this June.  I think it’s interesting that they didn’t actually reboot the franchise like I had thought.  This is actually a prequel to the original trilogy, at least this trailer would give us that impression.  I kind of think that might be painting themselves in a corner, as there’s only so much they can do with the time period before the original X-Men movie, and I wonder how well that’ll connect with audiences to turn into a franchise.  What are we going to see next?  An 80’s X-Men, with music and clothing from that era?  Matthew Vaughn, director of Kick Ass, Layer Cake, and Stardust seems to have a habit of making movies I think are overrated.  I’m not going to write this film off just yet – the cast is solid, and it seems to have some concepts that intrigue me.  I’m just not excited for it.  What say you?