Click to enlarge the Bat-goodness.
Click to enlarge the Bat-goodness.

This is the oddest friggin’ thing I’ve ever seen.  For $50, you can rent out the “Batman Suite” at the Eden Hotel in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan…for three hours.  So, clearly, they expect you to go in and have sex, and then leave the Batsheets sticky (actually, crackly after 2 hours and 57 minutes post-coital snuggling).

My main question is…who is this supposed to appeal to?  I mean, at first glance, I said “Hell Yeah!”  But, upon further inspection, I saw little things that made me realize that maybe this wasn’t the Batroom I’d dreamed of having all of my life.  It’s got a little Batmobile (Tumbler) thing on one side of the room that looks like it serves no purpose.  At first, I thought it was a couch…but for who?  Midgets?  Look how tiny the thing is!  Then you’ve got a poster of Batman on the wall – you know, like you can buy at Wal-Mart.  Pretty sure Bats doesn’t hang up pictures of himself in the ol’ Batcave.  The “couch” looks like plastic rods sticking out of the wall with some pillows on them.  Not only that, it’s one of those “sexy” type rooms where you can see the bathtub from the bed…except that the friggin’ BatTV is blocking the view!  And if you look at that third picture again, you’ll see that the bed looks a little flimsy too.

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