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“ekaw pu!”

Bartleby was shaken from his sleep.  He rubbed his eyes and, when his vision was clearer, he began to the make out the image of the man who had awakened him.  The man was short, and his hair was gray and unkempt.  His face was wrinkled and his teeth, even in this darkness, were quite yellow and horrid looking.  Oh, and he had no eyes.

“up teg ylkciuq!”  He spoke in a loud whisper, and Bartleby wasn’t sure if he was still half asleep or not, or if this guy was speaking another language, but he didn’t understand a single word he was saying.  Still, he seemed to be intent on having Bartleby follow him, so he complied.

It was night, and moonlight poured through Bartleby’s window.  From his surroundings, he could tell he was still on Earth and not in OtherWorld, but the man clearly seemed to be an OtherWorlder.  His attire, a dingy orange jumpsuit with the straightjacket built in, was completely different from Bartleby’s white t-shirt and pants.  The arms of the man’s straightjacket had come undone from their shackles and hung loosely from his arms, past where his hands ended.  As he motioned for Bartleby to follow him, the extra long sleeve flung through the air.

The man poked his head out from the door.  How did he get the door open, Bartleby wondered, but didn’t ask.  The man was muttering gibberish that made entirely no sense, and Bartleby would rather have no answers than nonsense ones.  He motioned for Bartleby to follow and the exited the room into the sterile white hallway that smelled of mildew and bleach.

They slipped across the hallway carefully and silently, taking cover behind a nurse’s station nearby.  The man whispered more gibberish to Bartleby before starting to make his way out from behind the desk.  Suddenly and sharply, he slid back, ducking low and shaking nervously.  Bartleby looked past him as a large figure, obscured in darkness didn’t so much walk as slide down the hallway, a giant gelatinous being long tentacle arms that dragged on the floor next to him.

Bartleby instinctively reached down to grab his pistol before realizing that it wasn’t there.  He felt uneasy – typically, things required shooting, and he didn’t like not having the proper shooting utility.  They waited quietly as the creature turned around a nearby corner.  The man with no eyes nodded to Bartleby, who was wondering how he’d even seen the creature without eyes or, for that matter, how he was making his way around so effortlessly.

They ran quickly down the hallway, making care not make too much noise, and stopped in front of a set of double doors, the windows of which had been painted black, obscuring the view beyond.  There was a chain on the door that wrapped around the door handles tightly.  The man spun his head around, as if looking around the hallway to see if anybody was coming, than waved his hand in front of the chains.

They loosened and dropped.  Bartleby caught them before they crashed to the floor loudly, and the man nodded his head in appreciation.  He pushed open the double doors and walked through.  Bartleby laid the chains on the floor as quietly as possible and followed.

As he walked through the door, he looked first at the man with no eyes, who looked entirely confused, as if expecting something that wasn’t there.  Then, Bartleby realized the cause of the confusion.  The asylum just…ended.  There were a couple of feet of walkway past the double doors and then it just stopped – there were no more walls, no more hallways, just a long grassy field filled with dead trees and snow.

Bartleby could tell that, at one point, there was something here, but years of age, and possibly even demolishment had taken down what was left of the building.  They were obviously in some kind of condemned building, more than likely the real world equivalent of Blackthorne Asylum, but why was he jumping back and forth between worlds?

He didn’t have much time to think about it, as the doors flung open loudly behind them, three large orderlies coming through, batons held high.  The one on the right lunged for the weird man with no eyes, quickly tackling him to the ground and subduing him.

Bartleby acted fast, ducking down low as one of the orderlies swung at him.  He swept his foot across the ground, taking the man off of his feet as he crashed down loudly.  The other orderly came up behind him and Bartleby stepped forward quickly, jutting his elbow out into the man’s face and shoving him back.  The first man tried to climb to his feet, but Bartleby jammed his knee up into the man’s chin, knocking him back to the ground.

He turned around, trying to find the man with no eyes, but he was nowhere to be found.  From behind him, something grabbed him.  He looked down and shook his head when the big, burly arms around him seemed to change right in front of him.  They began to look almost like…tentacles.  He struggled to break free from their grasp, but was flung, almost carelessly, into a nearby wall. As his shoulder jammed into the wall, the pain rang straight through his entire body as he tumbled to the ground.  He could taste the blood at the back of his mouth as he struggled to stay conscious.  The last thing he saw as he blacked out was a large purple mass moving towards him, and giant, yellowed teeth…