So…yup, we’re here in St. Louis.  All of your favorite Funnybooks hosts are in the area for Fear The Con 4, a two-day tabletop gaming convention, hosted by Fear the Boot.  After getting in around 10-ish, fellow Funnybooks host Andrew (WintJen on Twitter) was kind enough to pick me up and take me to Schlafly Bottleworks, where we met Back Seat Producers’ Tony Mast!

After hanging out with Aron (Funnybooks), Tim (also Funnybooks), his buddy Chris, Andrew, and Thistle Down John for a couple of hours in the hotel lobby, it was officially time for World Wide Wing night!

World Wide Wing night was a blast – we hung with generally the same group of guys, as well as met a ton of folks who either podcast on other shows, or have their own websites.  We enjoyed tacos, wings, pasta, and, of course, beer (or rum!) while meeting all sorts of great people.  Every finished drink resulted in a loud crash of the empty glass and the call of “Thistle Down!” a reference to our pal Thistle Down John.  Eventually, we retired to the patio of the bar next door (Sybergs), where we enjoyed more gaming talk and a few cigars.

Overall, a great night and a great start to the weekend – definitely looking forward to gaming today at FtC4!