So, two recent announcements have me a little concerned/happy.  Well, one has me downright sad.  It seems as if Scott Snyder’s AWESOME arc on Detective Comics is coming to an end after ten issues (see Newsarama).  This is the first time I’d read that his run was actually limited.  Not only that … only ten issues?  That means his run on ‘Tec is going to be over before he finishes his limited series Gates of Gotham. And that we’re going to be getting yet another creative team on the title, despite the fact that Snyder and Jock (and Francesco Francavilla) are doing a stellar job.  That’s a damn shame … I hope they’ll be sticking with the Bat-family.

Not only that, two Batman titles (in fact, the two ones with Bruce Wayne) are getting new artists.  After numerous delays and an inability to stay on time, Batman: The Dark Knight (who’s FIRST issue wasn’t even on time) will have art chores taken on by Jay Fabok, of Superman/Batman and Soulfire.  And Batman Incorporated‘s art chores are being taken over by Chris Burnham, after delays by artist Yanick Paquette.  Still not sure if either title has the writing quality to keep me interested, though, which is a shame.

After a pretty awesome three-parter, Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are making way for a three-parter on Batman and Robin by Judd Winick and Guillem March.  Will Tomasi and Gleason come back after?  No one’s saying.  But recent rumors are saying that Greg Capullo will be signing a contract with DC and that he’ll be taking on art chores for a Batman title.  Though the art above is just a sketch for convention season …. sure would be awesome to have him on Batman and Robin, wouldn’t it?

I’m a little disappointed in how DC is handling some of their main titles.  Delays, switching art teams … I get that good things are worth waiting for, but is it so hard to get quality books, on time, with quality creative teams?

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