Who are the Shadowmen?

Well, if you’re craving some superhero gaming Actual Play, and the wait for the next episode of Knights of Reignsborough is killing you, why don’t you mosey on over to our buddy ThistleDown John’s Actual Play site and check out his newest Actual Play session, recorded at Fear The Con 4, “In the Grip of the Netherking!”  According to John, “This superhero adventure was created using the HERO System 6th edition rules for Champions. This venerable game is hard to beat when it comes to comic book action and it’s been my favorite for the genre since the early 1980s.”

In the game, you’ll hear Funnybooks hosts Aron, Wayne, and Andrew. They were joined by fellow gamers Nathan and Dan.  They play the Shadowmen…Shadow Knight, Darkstalker, Black Dragon, Wraith, and The Stygian.  Check out some awesome character drawings from  the game below!

seen below (left to right, top to bottom): Behemoth, Black Dragon, Darkstalker, Granite, Harpy, Inferno, Moloch, Ravager, Shadow Knight, Black Dragon (w/ logo), The Marshall, The Stygian, Viper Agent, and Wraith

Click here to listen to “In the Grip of the Netherking!”

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