IoM Actual Play: And a Little Child Shall Eat Them (FtC4)

It’s been four years since children the world over turned on their parents, devouring their nurturers. They are predators our children. Cunning. Deadly. It’s been four years since the dead started walking. This is the fourth installment of my zombie apocalypse game utilizing the ALL FLESH MUST BE EATEN unisystem rules. Around the table this […]

The Geeky Clean Give-a-way!

While at Fear the Con, I finally had the pleasure of meeting the good folks at Geeky Clean.  I’ve had a Twitter friendship with them for awhile now and it was great to put faces with the @name. Geeky Clean is the company that makes boutique soaps with geekish themes.  For instance, I bought a […]

Fear the Con – Day 2 (Paul’s Version)

The most frustrating aspect of my trip to this year’s Fear the Con?  The lack of a reliable internet connection.  The hotel that we’re all staying as has awful connectivity (I can’t connect at all from my room) and there’s little to no connection in the convention hall (which makes sense).  Basically, the only time […]