The KNIGHTS OF REIGNSBOROUGH are coming back at you THIS FRIDAY!  Yes  folks, after a long hiatus and some changes, KNIGHTS OF REIGNSBOROUGH season two is headed your way with all new episodes of sandoxing, prequel stories and, yes, long-awaited actual play!

Don’t know who the KNIGHTS OF REIGNSBOROUGH are, or been a while since you listened to season one?  Get caught up this week with the original episodes, as well as checking out some added goodies (new character art and character sheets for all the playable characters), and the announcement of the winners from FREE FUNNYBOOK DAY!  It’s gonna be an awesome week!

Today’s featured episodes are III and IV, in which we kick off our character creation after a little more world building.  We discuss the history of Reignsborough, including racial tensions, monorails, factions and political power, pizza, and hot player-on-player action!

Then, in episode IV, the Knights begin to take shape as we kick around character concepts.  Each of the players presents three different character ideas, they are discussed and then the group votes on their preferences with the player making the ultimate decision as to which one will be played.

Click here to download episode three (or click here to listen in your browser)

Click here to download episode four (or click here to listen in your browser)

Knights Unite!