Well, here it is… our big 1ooth episode.  It’s an all discussion episode this time around as we answer your questions.  Lots of topics this week.  And lots of hosts!  Join Aron, Paul, Tim, Wayne, Andrew and Jonathan for a double-sized commemorative episode!

  • The new Green Lantern movie
  • Word pronunciation
  • Minds changing
  • Rebooting Superman
  • Rebooting the Marvel Universe
  • Favorite 3rd tier characters
  • What if we were making the next superhero TV show?
  • Best Spider-Love

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2 thoughts on “Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: 100th Anniversary Issue!

  1. Hah! I KNEW Sleepwalker would come up on that question. Congrats on ep 100 guys. Also, Tim’s idea for how to do a reboot? GENIUS. Take the gloves off and see if the writers can write the universe out of a reboot? You can’t loose in that equation. You just can’t. Super great idea.

  2. Hey guys! Congrats on the big 100! Talking about third tier character getting some attention, specifically Howard the Duck, how about a 6 issue mini written by Abbnett and Lanning and pecilled by Frank Cho. DnA have done great with Rocket Raccoon and Cho can draw anthropomorphic animals and hot babes, like in Liberty Meadows.

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