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Starting July 29th on Cartoon Network, the new Thundercats has fans of the old wondering if it can capture the spirit of the original and update it for modern sensibilities without losing what we love about the mythology and its characters.  Luckily, we’ve got an over nine-minute peek at the series from YouTube:

Gotta say, the show reminds me in look and feel of Oban Star Racers, and I can think of no higher praise. I love the changes to the characters and mythology, and the story of the show seems to be going more epic with more focus than the original. Can’t wait until the hour-long premiere.

One thought on “Watch nine minutes of the new THUNDERCATS TV show!

  1. Yes, how dare we promote and get a “buzz” going about your new show! Go fuck yourselves, Warner Bros. I was mildly interested enough to sit through a 9 min preview. Now, I wouldn’t watch it if you invited me for a test screening. Fuck you and your shitty copyright too!

    Everything bad that has or will happen to you and your families, is deserved.

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