Knights of Reignsborough: Issue #8 - Bathroom Safety

After enjoying lunch together at the New Delhi Deli, our heroes head out on personal business.  The Coyote consults with the Council of Elders, Doctor Necropath helps Louie out of some trouble while Hair Trigger follows the evidence… into trouble.

We are rapidly approaching the end to our first story arc and will have a Q&A show between the first and second arc. We’d love to hear from you! Give us a call at 972-763-5903 and share your comments, questions, and suggestions. If we use your voicemail in the show, you’ll win an Ideology of Madness SurPrize!

GM’s note: Knights of Reignsborough is a role playing game actual play podcast. It is not our intent to teach a system, rather to entertain. As such, much of the game mechanic discussion has been edited from the audio.

Podcaster’s note: Knights of Reignsborough is released bi-weekly. Issue 9 will arrive on October 7.