Paul’s home alone!  The horror!

Aron, Wayne, Tim, and Andrew were all at Fear the Con this weekend, leaving Paul to fend for himself in the scary podcasting waters.  What was he to do?  Luckily, some loyal listeners, Ray and Rob, volunteered to join him for a special episode about this weekend’s huge blockbuster hit, The Avengers.

They talk about their favorite scenes, characters, moviegoing experiences and…perhaps most importantly…what you do to get that Avengers fix after the movie!

Whether you read comics regularly or not, if you enjoyed the movie, give this episode a listen!

Warning: You are entering a spoiler-rich environment! If you haven’t seen The Avengers yet and do not wish the movie spoiled for you, download and listen AFTER you’ve seen it.

Along those lines, we have included our interview with Jim Starlin from last year who also spoiled a little key information from the movie.

With a career in comics spanning 40 years, Jim Starlin was responsible for re-imagining such characters as Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock for Marvel… and then killed them.

He’s the fellow who gave us Thanos (who loves Death) and over at DC, he killed off Jason Todd in the now infamous A DEATH IN THE FAMILY.

Sensing a theme?

Jim Starlin produced the third volume of his creator owned BREED over at Image Comics. It’s a horror story centering on the activities of Ray Stoner who is half-demon, half-man. Monstrous hijinks ensue.

Of course, Starlin was a pioneer in the realm of creator-owned content.

Starlin debuted his Vanth Dreadstar character in the serialized Metamorphosis Odyssey appearing in the pages of Marvel’s Epic Illustrated. Beyond that initial serialized story, Dreadstar moved onto his own original graphic novel followed by a monthly under Marvel’s Epic banner followed by a series at First Comics and then a mini-series at Malibu.

And Aron isn’t the only one sporting a chubby for Big Jim. Oh no, Paul has a deep and abiding love for all things Thanos and the Infinity gems.

Brother Starlin teases a little news in this episode about Dreadstar… and Thanos and a certain movie project.

Join our unabashed geek love fest as we adore Jim Starlin.

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4 thoughts on “Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: After The Avengers

  1. So anyone know why Cap’s outfit looked so awful?

    They certainly highlighted how useful the Black Widow and Hawkeye are especially when Loki did his thing!

    Loved the bit where he tried it on Tony Stark and discovered Iron Man’s insurance also covered enchanted gamma irradiating power staffs!

    So any truth to the rumour Loki had one of the infinity gems on that staff of his?

    Haven’t seen the second credit scene which I heard was only ready in time for the US release… still don’t know what scharama or whatever its called is…

    Interesting I wonder how Fury’s bosses are going to cover up what they did?

    Oh and how was Fear the Con 5?

    Did the guys from Postcards from the Dungeon pop over and say hi?

    All the best and take care!

  2. I’m going to second the comment on Cap’s outfit. It looked terrible. Cap’s WWII uniform from his solo movie looked much better.

  3. Yes his WW2 costume was not only better but made more sense admittedly he couldn’t be seen packing firearms but the helmet and the bike would have been a nice addition!

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