It’s been 9 years since Sandy Collora’s homage to Batman debuted at San Diego ComiCon.

In a 2011 interview with Media Mikes, Collora reflected:

It was really just a big experiment. So much of what I was attempting to do, had never been done on film at the time. I wanted to present the Batman that I knew and loved from the comics. A dark, brooding, creature of the night, that didn’t need a rubber suit, nipples or a credit card. That’s really mostly what it was all about. A lot of people didn’t believe I could make the cloth and leather suit work. Even simple things like the white eyes, the over-sized cape, the rain, no one had done those things previously in a Batman film. I think a combination of all those elements is what made it unique. I chose Batman because at that point, I had already made a few short films. No one really seemed to care… I thought if I made a short with Batman in it, people would at least watch it.

YouTube has logged more than 3 million views.

I loved this thing then and love it still now.

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