Greetings from Gencon,

Your intrepid reporter spent the ride to gencon riding shotgun, and strode into Indy at 6pm. I spent most of the time hanging out with Fear The Boot fans, playing Cards Against Humanity, which was a riot, and would recommend for any friends who get together. It is like Mad Libs, but in a totally wrong way.

The first day’s impression was that this place is huge. I understand why Wayne’s feet hurt. I’m not complaining, but this spralls out to encompass all of Indianapolis. Downtown Indy didn’t go to bed, and the place was hoping until I nodded off at 12am.

The downside is that most of the events I wanted to get into were sold out 🙁 My plan is to just wander around, see what I fall into, and maybe dip my toe into the Pathfinder Society on Thursday. I’m also hoping to score an interview or two (but not Wil Wheaton, sorry fans).

Will check in later!