As we motor forward to season two a new player is introduced to the game and a new Knight is born.  John from Thistledown Actual Play joins the table.  This episode, then, finds us hip-deep in character pitching.  Who will be the newest Knight?

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GM’s note: Knights of Reignsborough is a role playing game actual play podcast. It is not our intent to teach a system, rather to entertain. As such, much of the game mechanic discussion has been edited from the audio.

8 thoughts on “Knights of Reignsborough: Season Two Sandboxing – A New Knight

  1. A fun episode, as always. I whole-heartedly support the choice of Riptide. He was easily best in class. I am curious if the Coyote’s living arrangements will factor into Riptide’s introduction to the Knights. So I’ll keep listening to find out!

  2. I was actually hoping Cryonaut would get the vote but it will be funny once Matt Murdock meets Aquaman enters play!
    As for Reverb I hope if they ever go back to the Squires of Reinsborough he gets remembered, even ifhe might be too old he’d be perfect for an introduction!
    And as for Riptide or Smallville’s Aquaman meets Ben Affleck, well I can dream can’t I!
    Look forward to next weeks episode!

  3. For me Cryonaut was something both new and original, Reverb reminded me of a few other superheroes I think one was from 2nd edition M&M, Riptide didn’t hold as much fascination as the man out of time for me!
    Given the team has a variant Spiderman, telepath meets the shadow, nightcrawler meets moria mctaggert and of course Alpha Flight’s Shaman meets the Winter Soldier (barring replacement arm… hope Aaron doesn’t read that!) well you know they’re going underwater at some point… or the sewers ala Green Lantern in First Flight so don’t forget to pack the metal chair!
    Hmm I wonder I always assumed you’d use Sonar underwater and Radar above the water?

  4. I respect Tim’s concern about Riptide being derivative, especially if he doesn’t care for aquatic noblepersons found on the newsstand.

    Still, for me, swiping character concepts from popular media and filing off the serial numbers makes it easy to hit the ground running when play begins. (Forgive the mixed metaphors, please.) It also provides a good frame of reference for my fellow players, enabling them to tee up little character bits with marginal effort. Besides, the derivative elements are just starting points; my character won’t stay derivative for long.

    Anyhow, speaking of derivative … If I played Reverb, I don’t think I could resist drawing inspiration from Vibe. 🙂

  5. I think jonmcnally has it right. The inspirations for Riptide may be readily apparent, but I think when he is heard in action, his uniqueness will come to the fore.

    All characters are derivative of something else. They may possess varying degrees of uniqueness, but they all will share commonalities with those who have come before. Yes, I created Riptide with the idea of him being a noble-born son of an underwater empire. So is Aquaman. From there, the similarities cease. Riptide’s powers are completely different. His personality is completely different. His motivations are completely different.
    So just like all super-strong aliens aren’t Superman, every caped crime crushing crusader isn’t Batman, every spell-wielding super-mage isn’t Dr. Strange, Riptide ain’t no Aquaman. 🙂

    And no…he doesn’t talk to fish. 🙂

  6. And some are Marina, Namor and now there’s a Matt Murdock too!

    And I’m interested to see how they cope, oh I am assuming his blindness is racial in nature otherwise he won’t be that hard for his people to find… well once they get over the agoraphobia bet i got that fear of large airfilled spaces wrong!!!

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