I was looking back over my posts here at Ideology of Madness and there was one thing that stood out to me. I have only written about comics once.  In that post, I don’t really talk about any comic in particular but more about the things that make it difficult to get into comics. I hadn’t ever thought to tell you about a comic that I enjoyed.

I’ve decided to fix this egregious error.

One of the comics that I am currently enjoying is Earth 2.  I have not heard the guys talk about it very much on Funnybooks so I’ve decided to shed some light on this little gem in the second wave of DC’s New 52. As the name implies, this book is set on an alternate earth.  The first issue of Earth 2 provides a very nice set-up for this alternate history. This is an earth under assault by Darkseid. The Justice League and the gods have fought a losing battle with most of the gods and heroes having perished.  Through the heroic sacrifice of the Justice League, the invasion from Apokolips is thwarted but the world is left woefully low on heroes. This is an untenable state which the god Hermes rectifies with his dying breath. He bestows the powers of the Flash upon this world’s Jay Garrick.

This title is currently on issue seven has been slowly introducing us to the heroes, who have in the past, been members of the Justice Society.  As of issue seven, we have met Alan Scott(Green Lantern), Kendra Saunders(Hawk Girl), The Atom, Sandman, Mr Terrific, and Red Tornado.  Instead of being a ready made super team, we are being shown the state of the world as well as the problems that these new heroes face as they take up the mantle of being a Wonder. Each of the heroes bears a familiar name but are a significant departure from previous cannon.  The greatest change so far has been in the story of Alan Scott.  In prior incarnations, Alan Scott is a Green Lantern empowered by a mysterious lantern and ring made from a meteorite and is the father of Jade and Obsidian.  On Earth 2, this is not the case.  Alan Scott is gay and he receives his powers after an explosion destroys the train he and his would-be fiancee were traveling on.  He is chosen by the Jade to be it’s champion and uses the ring he was going to give to his boyfriend as a focus for his power. This is not the only major change but it has been the most publicized. Instead of engaging my nerd-rage over the possible loss of Jade and Obsidian, it makes me look forward to seeing how these character may be introduced and wonder what surprises await in the backstories of the other characters.

As you can tell, I like the story that James Robinson is telling.  He is giving us a fresh look at some old favorites as well as placing them within a very unique world. That these old favorites are members of the Justice Society only make it better for me. I have been a fan of the Justice Society in all it’s incarnations and this iterations is already proving to be interesting.  The art on the book has been very good as well. It meshes well with the story that Mr. Robinson is giving us.  My only quibble with the art is really with the cover of issue seven.  It isn’t that it is a bad cover but that it is a scene that doesn’t occur in the book at all. I know this is pretty standard in comics but it still pisses me the fuck off.  It makes me even angrier when I like the cover and the promise it makes is never fulfilled.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I really am enjoying this book.  Now that it is on it’s seventh issue, I’m hoping for a trade to hit the shelves soon as I think I will enjoy reading it trade even more than I did reading the issues. I recommend giving this title a try, especially if you are fan of the Justice Society.