Justice League 3000 No 4

This issue of Justice League 3000 is very much a mixed bag. In the positive column, we finally get answers to how this new league was made. In he negative column, there is more Locus. This issue opens with the remaining members of the League traipsing through the sewers of Tarkon Glatos to meet up […]

Justice League 3000 No 2

Spoiler warning on! Wow…it is only issue two and shit just got real. This issue the Wonder Twins (I’ll never get tired of writing that) send this dysfunctional Justice League on what is supposed to be a simple backwater planet. They are to slip in undetected, trash the place and get out. It is not […]

Earth 2

I was looking back over my posts here at Ideology of Madness and there was one thing that stood out to me. I have only written about comics once.  In that post, I don’t really talk about any comic in particular but more about the things that make it difficult to get into comics. I […]