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4 thoughts on “Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Hooked on a Feelin’!

  1. Hello well here we go with the 4th attempt to post anything here might try the forum instead if this continues…

    Anyway what do you think of a black Reed?

    Jamie Bell being the human Torch?

    Or having a set of Von Doom siblings one of whom dies in an experiment gone wrong and the other dons a suit of powered armour to get revenge on Reed whilst he seeks to assay the guilt he feels because he couldn’t save the sibling he thought died by trying to do better when forced to cope with the Storm twins…

    Hold on he thought Valeria Von Doom died and Victor survived… I wonder when Victor learnt that ability to swap bodies and what if he had been trying to steal Reed’s body when Valeria inadvertedly saved Reed’s life and died in Victor’s place…. wait a female Von Doom!

    Well that might right royally p**s off the fans more than having the Storm siblings being so different!

    How do you think they’d take the realisation that Victor mindswapped with his sister (albeit accidentally)?!

    Talk about that for controversies!

  2. Let me start off by saying that The Fantastic Four did have its moments. Not many but it did have it. But I can understand your objection to it as a whole. To this day I have yet to see the Daredevil movie because everything seemed wrong. I have had people try and convince me to just watch a little. Nope, not happening. As for the comics, I never read New Warriors or Turok because with so many other comics out there that I knew were good I did want to waste my time with mediocre ones. So good luck with that. The way Daredevil ended was very cool and a bit unexpected. I defiantly want to see how things work out in San Francisco. Finally I have heard a few of your podcasts and yall often rave about Guardians of the Galaxy and yall get so excited about this movie. It often boggled my mind as to why and where this excitement came from. Then I saw the new trailer for the Godzilla movie. I now know, and probably can match, your excitement for a single movie. And like you I feel I might be a bit too excited for Godzilla. So even though it may be for a different movie, I feel your excitement.

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