This week’s Funnybooks is UNCHAINED, as Paul, Aron, and Wayne chat about this week’s new comics, the latest Marvel movie news, some good stuff to watch on TV, and more!

2 thoughts on “Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Funnybooks Unchained!

  1. So Paul the Arkham March Madness did I miss the bit where you limit the villain bundle to just those from the comics?

    If so I probably owe you an apology and are you sure the villain who has his face ripped off and then goes off and lives to scare the living f**k out of everybody as would anyone with Bats plot armour would… still loses to Ra’s Al-Ghul?

    Maybe Tim should have thrown in Ra’s hitting him with a cure for the joker venom so that he goes sane and realises his face isn’t exactly where it should be…!!!!

    Anyway Deathstroke and Arrow character set… shame it isn’t the tv show version of Deathstroke something I never would have thought I’d have said!!!

    Hmm need to read more Harlan Ellison obviously in my case I thought that meant the star trek episode with the guardian and Joan Collins!

    Fox’s marvel movies?
    Are these the same ones they ought to return to Marvel on the grounds they don’t seem to have any idea what they’re doing?

    Its easily solved though have Michael Jordan play Reed the guy they have playing Reed play the Thing and stick Jamie Bell as the Human Torch… not sure if anyone can play Doom better than the Charmed one but then the only thing I didn’t care for from the Fantastic 4’s last movie was the Galactus cloud…

    Forever Evil… meh, sorry too contrived for my taste might have worked if they hadn’t tried the pull something whilst Darkseid was invading bit… should have been done using the Legion of Doom trapping the JLs’ on Themyscira with Wonder Woman nowhere to be seen now imagine how the locals would have reacted!

    Anyway on to the most important bit… The Incredibles 2!!!!!
    You’re not pulling my leg?
    Is it a prequel? using the underminer and if no to either of these are there enough heroes after Syndrome basically wiped most of them out(SPOILER ALERT!)?

    Anyway picked up New Warriors 2 and Ms Marvel 1 took me a while before I realised what that mist was… shame on me for missing the Inhumans run!

    Anyway take care and all the best!

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