slayton_print_batman_robin.inddHello and welcome back to the Ideology of Madness Artist Showcase where, in a week long series, we show off some of our favorite artists’ work and get to know them a bit.  This week in the gallery: Cal Slayton.

Cal Slayton is an Illustrator, a Graphic Designer and a Comic Book Artist best known for his work on the indie hit Shades of Blue.

Ideology of Madness: What’s your training? University, art school, self-taught?

Cal Slayton: I have a degree in graphic design and illustration. But a lot of what I do these days, like coloring Photoshop or creating elements in Illustrator have been self taught. And really my drawing techniques and tools were developed years after college.

IoM: Do you feel that your degree gave you a solid foundation on which to build your career? I guess what I’m getting at is was your college experience worthwhile in terms of your work?
Cal Slayton: I don’t think it’s completely necessary for drawing comic stuff. But I make the bulk of my living as a designer, so in that case, yes it was worthwhile.  I do think life drawing classes are essential. I don’t know that you need a four year degree. I think drawing everyday is a good way to keep developing your skills.  I’m still trying to get to a place where i’m content with my work.  I probably wont ever get there, but I think a lot of artists are like that.  As long as I can see improvement compared to something, say, I drew a year ago, I’ll be somewhat happy.

IoM: I gather you’re a full time freelancer?

Cal Slayton: Though I do freelance work, I’m not a full-time freelancer.  Just part time. I have a day job as a Senior Graphic Designer. Most of my comic book type work is done at night or on weekends. Over the past five years or so, my freelance work has really picked up.  I do a lot of personal commissions. I actually think over the past two years there hasn’t been a time that I didn’t have at least one commission in the works. I’ve been very lucky in that regard.

… Come back tomorrow through Friday for more of our conversation with Cal Slayton and more of his artwork.