photo 5Welcome back to the Showcase!  Continuing our conversation with this week’s IoM Artist Showcase illustrator Mike Henderson…

IoM: You’ve done lots of comic work. What was your first professional comics gig? How’d that project come about?

MH: I did a few indie GN’s and short stories from 2007-2010, but my first freelance gig was a Spider-Man digital short story with Marc Bernardin. Not bad for my first go on the work for hire carousel.

IoM: Favorite comic book character to draw and why?

MH: I’m going to say Adam Warlock because it’s #1 on my bucket list, but Orion and Big Barda are close behind.

IoM: What’s on your con schedule this year. What types of work will you produce at a con and what types will you take home for more time?

MH: It’s looking like SDCC and HeroesCon for me, barring some awful scheduling calamity. I’ll probably only be sketching at the latter though (and I try NEVER to take anything home with me).

IoM: What’s out of bounds for you?

MH: I don’t consider anything out of bounds, necessarily. Any topic humans are capable of conceiving should be open to explore. That being said, how it’s portrayed is the key. If what I’m drawing could possibly be construed as glorification or endorsement, I won’t be doing it.

… Come back tomorrow through Friday for more of our conversation with Mike Henderson and more of his artwork!