photo 3Welcome back to the Showcase!  Continuing our conversation with this week’s IoM Artist Showcase illustrator Mike Henderson…

IoM: We love the work you post on your Twitter feed. How has social media affected your work? What tips do you have for folks entering into the field in terms of managing their social media profile?

MH: Social media is a crazy (occasionally disheartening) double edged sword, but if I said it hadn’t pretty drastically advanced my career in the last five years I’d be lying. I’ve made professional relationships and strong friendships with people I’ve never even met, in a way that was inconceivable (had to say it) ten years ago. My best advice is to be patient, be smart, post often and, as always “don’t be a dick”. Engaging is great, but there is a fine line between interaction and annoyance that’s easy to cross when people can’t tell precisely what you mean.

IoM: If you could give advice to Young Mike about the comic business, what would that be?

MH: Draw more! Seriously. As much as I drew when I was starting out (and before that, when trying to figure out what starting out meant) I wish I’d drawn more. Provided you have the talent, I think there’s a direct correlation between how many pages you’ve stacked up to how ready you are to work in comics.

IoM: What’s your preferred medium and why?

MH: Ink. Forever and ever. Though, because I do a lot of inkwash I naturally enjoy gouache and watercolor. I have fun with acrylics occasionally, but don’t get much time for it.

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