jl3000_05coverJustice League 3000 No five introduces another flawed copy of the former Justice league into this new re-imagining of the future of DC Comics New 52 universe. I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about this title that I was on board because it seemed that this would be the replacement for the lost of my much-beloved Legion of Super Heroes.

This issue is making me rethink this decision.

In this installment, we not only get to meet the new and improved firestorm but we also get to meet another member of the infamous Five, Kali. Yes, she has multiple arms and claims to be the goddess of death and destruction. She has the ability to go to-to-toe with Superman and wonder Woman and kill mass numbers of sentient life to add to her power.

Insert face palm gif here.

There is no new ground covered in this issue other than the introduction of Kali and the full appearance of the villain, Coeval, at the end. We do get a bit of character development from Superman and Wonder Woman but it comes in rather late in the story and at the point where they are getting thoroughly trounced yet again by another god-like being. we’ve seen this fight earlier and watching a different villain pontificate in the same fashion is a bit boring.

I realize this is a super hero comic and this is what happens in them. The problem I’m having with this issue and maybe with this title overall is that these aren’t the heroes I know. They don’t feel like heroes at all.┬áThe story is set up for them to discover who they are and reinvent themselves but it feels like it has become caught up in the power escalation game. Each issue has to have some new dire threat that our heroes can not overcome. This just annoys the crap out of and makes me wonder why this isn’t just a villains book and they are plowing through hero after hero.

Ignoring my issues with the story, the art is still good. This issue featured guest artists Raymund Bermudez and Wayne Faucher. They do an excellent job of matching the style and tone from the previous issues adding their own personal touches to the book. In particular, I like the character design of the new Firestorm. They handle the metric ton of action sequences in this issue with ease.

I was really disappointed with this issue. It felt like long drawn out fight with no point. I wanted to see more development of the League members and was given another member from the past who behaves just as badly as the others do. I am going to give issue six a chance and hope for something that will make me want to stay on this title.

Fingers crossed.