Justice League 3000 No 7

At the end of the sixth issue of Justice League 3000, I was on the fence about this book. The seventh issue has helped me make up my mind and sadly I have to come down on the side of dropping this book from my list. The story picks up with this team fleeing from the […]

Justice League 3000 No 5

Justice League 3000 No five introduces another flawed copy of the former Justice league into this new re-imagining of the future of DC Comics New 52 universe. I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about this title that I was on board because it seemed that this would be the replacement for the lost […]

Justice League 3000 No 4

This issue of Justice League 3000 is very much a mixed bag. In the positive column, we finally get answers to how this new league was made. In he negative column, there is more Locus. This issue opens with the remaining members of the League traipsing through the sewers of Tarkon Glatos to meet up […]

Justice League 3000 No 1

Wandering my local comic shop I recently spotted a new comic from DC that seemed interesting. The title itself caught my eye, Justice League 3000. I am a fan of the Justice League in any iteration so I stopped and picked it up. It turns out this book is plotted by Keith Giffen with dialogue […]