Realistically, the most important things of E3 are the Conferences from the major game companies.  This morning saw Nintendo’s Digital event.



Super Smash Bros.: New characters and the ability to fight as your own, personal Mii. SSB for 3DS has been delayed from “summer” to October 3rd. Not as bad as PS4 and Xbone’s 2015 delays, but disappointing nonetheless.

Yoshi’s Wooly World: Not a sequel to Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but it’s just as cute.  Still has a Little Big Planet ripoff feel to me, though.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U: Still seems like it’s in concept stage, but it looks very much like “What if Nintendo did Skyrim”.  Supposed to be open world.

Bayonetta 2: Still weirded out that this became a Wii Exclusive given Nintendo’s primary focus on family friendly.  But reastically I didn’t get into the first one and it always felt like an IP no one wanted to produce.

Hyrule Warriors: They seem focused on reminding us that this is going to be different than Dynasty Warriors.

Xenoblade Chronicles: ’bout time we saw another Mechwarrior type game!

Mario Maker: It feels like they took the level building ability of LBP and applied it to Mario.  Looks pretty cool.

Splatoon: 4v4 Paintball Shooter… with squids.  IT’s being commonly said that it seems reminiscent of the gels from Portal 2.

Starfox: Sort of a teaser for bringing it into the current gen.  I’m hoping for more info at the Nintendo Treehouse.

Watch the whole thing here:

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