I Think Boba Fett Could’ve Been Greater… And Here’s How.

So,I’ve always felt that LucasFilm cheated fans with Boba Fett.  They created a mystique and desire for a badass bounty hunter through strategic appearances and marketing.  Then “Empire Strikes Back” came out and we were presented with a man who’s greatest accomplishments are hiding in the garbage, tattling on Han Solo, and needing the Empire […]

The Flash – Adding Superpowers to a Powerless Arrow Universe

CW’s new show, “The Flash”, is set in the pre-existing “Arrow” universe.  Despite having comic book origins, characters, and concepts; “Arrow” has been notable for being more realistic in it’s take on things.  Even so much as changing Count Vertigo into a drug dealer of a drug called Vertigo.  Flash exists in the same universe, […]