IoM Actual Play: This Empire Earth!

tee_ftc2014.fwThis episode of Ideology of Madness Actual Play features the first of our APs recorded at Fear the Con 7 in St. Louis.

A warrant to serve up on The Plateau, a cult of rowdy Robo-theists to wrangle and a bug invasion to stomp all before lunch. Ain’t nobody said Rangerin’ was easy. Fortunately, the pay sucks.

Just another day in the service of the Empire’s Frontier Battalion.

High Noon on Alpha Tongu Prime is set in the THIS EMPIRE EARTH original SciFi setting using the Savage Worlds system.

This Empire Earth is my science fiction home brew setting.  You can read all about its development here.  This is the first time I have run the game for a group outside of my home group.  Around the table are your Funnybook and Reignsborough hosts:

  • Aron, Game Master
  • Paul as Dribbit the Ambriidan
  • Andrew as Kuugaryn the Ikati
  • Tim as Charlie 7 the Robot
  • Thistledown John as Roj’r the Empusan

And friends of the podcast:

  • Scott as Oren the Duarn
  • Mrs. Tim as Vogramuurn the Bigozian
  • Dan as Jinks the Uplifted Chimp

This episode was recorded at the con and as such there’s a lot of background noise.

NEXT WEEK: The Ghosts of Reignsborough and Knights of Reignsborough Season 2 feedback episode.

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