dracula-untold-posterContinuing in the theme of Pauloween, I went and saw Dracula Untold at an early premier last week.

I know what you are thinking, how can anyone go see yet another remake of the Dracula story?

It is simple really.

I love vampires and it is the perfect time of year to go and see a vampire movie.

Don’t get me wrong, I went in with low expectations. Most of the Dracula movies in the past twenty years have been horrible. I was delight to find that Dracula Untold was an interesting take on the Dracula legend.

This movie comes at the legend as Vlad Tepes has returned to his country after serving in the army of the Turks. He has brought a time where no more children have been taken from his country. All the Turks demand is tribute. This all changes when a unit of Turkish scouts stumble upon the vampire living in the scary mountains. This affront can not be tolerated so a demand is sent for not only tribute but 1000 boys to serve in the Turkish army. Vlad goes to his friend among the Turks to ask for leniency and is told that his son must go as well.

Instead of turning over his son to an honor guard, Vlad slaughters them all, tells his family to run, and goes to the monster in the mountains as it was able to slaughter a battalion of Turks. Vlad asks for the power to defend his family and his land and the vampire pushes him for personal information. The vampire asks Vlad why he wants to become a monster again when he was a monster working for the Turks. Vlad explains that by being a monster, he spared more lives than he took. His mere presence caused surrender and less loss of life. This was worth being a monster for and he hopes to do this again.

The task is simple. Vlad must drink the blood of the vampire to gain incredible power. To retain his humanity, he must not feed for three days to become human once again. This is an easy answer for Vlad as he believes he can hold off from drinking  and save his family and his country.

What could go wrong?

As you might have noticed in my post about the New World of Darkness, This is the kind of vampire story I like. A game being played against the tapestry of the ages with someone willing to become a monster to save what they love. A bargain struck that only ends in tragedy and bloody vengeance.

The acting is good throughout the movie. Luke Evans has the regal bearing and smoldering good looks that makes a good Vlad Tepes. His nemesis is ably played by Dominic Cooper who comes across as cold, calculating and more of a monster than any supernatural being in the movie. The special effects are done well and I particularly enjoyed how the movie handled the transformation into a bat. The bats as a weapon was bad ass as well. Yes, I know it is impractical and not very useful but it made for stunning combat scene.

Dracula Untold is worth a matinee viewing this Pauloween season. You will not be disappointed.


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