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Guardians Team-Up #1
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Art Adams
Colors by Paul Mounts
Published by Marvel Comics

This review is gonna be quick and to the point. Just like this epic first issue of Guardians Team-Up. This book makes me feel 12 years old again.
Bendis knows how to throw you right into the action. Adams artwork is still classically awesome . Mounts colors give it a modern but nostalgic effect

Our Guardians are being chased by an unknown alien ship. A crash occurs the avengers show up and boom it all hits the fan. Rocket even makes a inappropriate but hilarious comment about Spider-Woman’s costume. There is a surprise at the end and bang to be continued!

If this is Marvel’s attempt to make comics fun again they succeeded!

imageFinal score.
Story = 5 out of 5
Art = 5 out of 5
A definite ! BUY!

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