HellBoy and the B.P.R.D. 1953

Story Mike Mignola Art Ben Stenbeck Colors Dave Stewart Letters Clem Robins Published by Dark Horse Comics This is the start to the 1953 adventures of HellBoy and the B.P.R.D. Trevor Bruttenholm and HellBoy travel to St. Albans, England. Trevor’s friend Harry H. Middleton is an occult private investigator and he needs their help. There is a demon hand […]

Deadpool #1

Story Gerry Duggan Pencils Mike Hawthorne Inks Terry Pallot Colors Val Staples Letters VC’s Joe Sabino Published by Marvel Comics It is eight mouths since Secret Wars ended and we get introduced to members of the Deadpool Corps or as Deadpool calls them, “Heroes For Hire.” This has Luke Cage furious and ready to sue or […]

Spawn # 257

Story Todd McFarlane Art Szymon Kudranski Colors FCO Plascenscia Letters Tom Orzechowski Published by Image Comics Al visits the body shop where Wanda’s wrecked burned car is. He relives the last moments of her life and feels her pain. Spawn enlists the help of the Angel Michael and his arch enemy Clown. He needs them both […]

Savage Dragon #208

Story / Art Erik Larsen Colors Nikos Koutsis Flats Mike Toris Letters Chris Eliopoulos Published by Image Comics Malcolm Dragon and Angel are in battle with Evil Angel and Mr. Glum. The battle does not end well for Evil Angel. Mr. Glum takes out his anger on Rex Dexter Dragons friend. Dragon and Angel destroy Mr. […]

Deathstroke # 11

Story Tony S. Daniel & James Bonny Art Tyler Kirkham Colors Arif Prianto Letters Dave Sharpe Published by DC Comics Slade finds out that his daughter Rose has been abducted. He found a clue left behind by Harley Quinn. She wants him to honor the deal they made. Slade is being blackmailed with his own daughter. If […]

NC Comicon 2015

NC Comicon 2015 was freaking awesome this year. The featured guests this year were Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard and writer , musician Gerard Way. Artist alley was full of incredible talent this year. I met some new friends and caught up with some old ones. Action Lab and Valiant comics had very strong , impressive booths and presence on […]

Insufferable # 6

Story Mark Waid Art Peter Krause Colors Nolan Woodard Letters Troy Peteri Published by IDW Publishing Galahad and Nocturnus have to put aside their differences for now to solve the case. They uncover more clues to the Nocturnus’s wife and Galahad’s mothers death. Someone is toying with them and there enemies. Are the people they […]

Broken Moon # 2

Story Steve Niles Art Nate Jones Letters Marshall Dillion Published by American Gothic Press This comic gets straight to the point. War is coming for the monsters and humans . The Werewolves have asked for the humans to join them in there fight against the rising vampire threat. The vampires are working on ways to […]