fbtv.fwHowdy folks, I’m Allen. I responded to a request for some folks writing for the site. I was lucky enough that they thought my idea was good, but we will see. My plan is to write about the geeky/comic TV shows of the week. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fanboy, not a critic, so you aren’t going to hear about cinematography or pacing. What you are going to hear is what does of a fan of comics think of these shows. What do I like, what do I not, and why, based on the comics. By the way, I will be spoiling these shows so if that bothers you, come back later. Heck, I do this at work already. My credentials you may ask, I’ve been a comic fan since the mid-70s, I’m the everyman, plus I have 4 daughters that I have had to explain all of this to since the beginning. Here are the shows I’m going to talk about in chronological order:

Walking Dead – I have been watching this since it started with my twins. Now that they are in college we have to text about it but it works out. That being said, I’m not a reader of the comics, but I have been catching up on the TPBs.

Flash – Now I have been reading the Flash since I could read comics and I feel very comfortable discussing the show. The Flash is one of my favorite characters.

Marvel: Agents of Shield – I am way more of a DC than Marvel wonk but I still get the gist and know most of the characters.

Arrow – The second of my most favorite comic book characters, so I know a little bit about this.

Grimm – Very loosely based on Fables and Once Upon a Time but an excellent show that I will get into later.

Constantine – Not one of my favorite characters, but wow did they do a great job of capturing him.

Doctor Who – Something I’ve been a fan of since I was younger than my daughters and a couple of them have become fans. I know it’s not exactly “comic” but hey.

So anyway that is the plan. I will also reserve a little space to talk about other things (like movies or such) and since my daughters and I are going to Indianapolis Comic Con next Saturday, I’m sure I’ll have something to say about that. I’m Allen from the rural depths of the midwest signing out.

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