Welcome back to the Queue Catchup! Sadly, this week it’s been much more emphasis on the Queue, not not much on the catch up. Between work, school, and life getting in the way I haven’t been able to sit and watch as much from my streaming queues. Hey, not every week’s blog post is going to be a gem. If you’re good with that, so am I.
iZombieNow, what I have watched is the first episode of the new show, iZombie. I’ve got to say that I really enjoyed it. The show gives off a real Tru Calling vibe for me, which is a huge positive. Yes, I know it’s due to the superficial environment for the main character Liv Moore (as if there couldn’t be more proof it’s based on a comic book property from the pun of a name . . . a zombie named “Live More”?) working in the coroner’s office and working to help solve murders. I’m not familiar at all with the source material from Vertigo, and while I think the idea of a zombie having higher brain functions is completely opposite to the entire concept of zombies, I do appreciate that Liv’s cognitive abilities are addressed. I think overall the show, even with just one episode so far is off on good footing. Liv’s situation at the beginning is one of despair, and by the end she has hope. Hope that there can be something to her lif- er, her unlife.
Flash-TV-Show-Teaser-TrailerOther than crime-fighting zombies, the only other television I’ve watched was episode 15 of The Flash. With the title “Out of Time” (and yes, I can’t read that in my mind without Aron’s voice. You’ve ruined me Mr Head, ruined I say!) there are some pretty big answers given to the over-all plot of the show. Such as the identity of the Man in the Yellow Suit, and how (adult) Barry was able to be there at death of his mother. The bittersweet moments of the episode came with Carlos Valdes’s departure from the show. I’ve really enjoyed his character, and I hope Valdes can get a regular role on another show soon. I’ll be keeping an eye out for him. Also, when Barry and Iris finally admit to themselves how they feel about each other. Considering we know from the comics that they’ll end up together, it’s been like pulling teeth watching them stumble through figuring it out. Now I think, with the air clear, parts of every episode won’t feel like a trip to the dentist.
That’s really all I’ve got for now, maybe next week I can get through the ever growing queue I have. I know there are episodes of Agents of SHIELD, Once Upon a Time, Jane the Virgin, and all of season two of Orphan Black was added to Amazon Prime.

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