Ivar Timewalker # 3
Story Fred Van Lente
Pencils Clayton Henry
Inks Clayton Henry & BIT
Colors Brian Reber & Andrew Dalhouse
Published by Valiant Comics

Out story starts in Nazi Germany 1944. Ivar and Neela are trying to find Lurker who stole Ivar’s compass.

Neela meets Gilad Anni-Padda Ivar’s brother . Gilad tries to convince Neela Ivar is evil and has lied to her the whole time. Neela confronts Ivar and it gets hectic from there.

All in all this is a great time travel sci-fi adventure story. I would suggest starting from issue one or wait for the trade.

Valiant is really firing on all cylinders with their Valiant Next books.

Final Score
Story 5 out of 5
Art 4 out of 5
Buy it!

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