Swamp Thing # 40

Story Charles Soule
Penciller Jesus Saiz
Inkers Jesus Saiz with Javi Pina
Colorist June Chung
Published by DC Comics

This final issue of this series of Swamp Thing didn’t disappoint. As always Soule delivers a story that makes you really care about the character. The art team really made the book come to life. The cover alone I would hang on my wall.

Swamp Thing gathers all of the avatars of the green. They march into a war that may ultimately kill them against the Machine Queen. Swamp Thing gets help from a new and interesting friend in his effort to defeat the Machines.

Soule leaves the ending open to many possible things. Will we see Alec Holland the Swamp Thing again? I sure hope so.


Final score
Story 5 out of 5
Art 5 out of 5
Buy it Love it!

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