Sinestro Annual # 1
Story Cullen Bunn
Art Martin Coccolo , Victor Ibanez , Andy Kuhn, Ron Cliquet, Mirko Colak &Daniel Warren Johnson
Colors Jason Wright , Tony Avina
Published by DC Comics

This issue was great. It gave origin stories to some of the main Sinestro Corps members.

Bekka is the first origin we see. It explains her life on New Genesis and how her power of love was not a great gift.

Lyssa grew up on Talok IV under then care of her uncle. A cruel man that dabbled in things he should not have.

Arkillo went against his worlds religion and started a new way of thinking.

Rigen Kale fell in love and lost her and his mind that same day.

Dez Trevius was born into noble culture and was forbidden to marry the serf that he loved.

This was a great annual. Unlike most annuals and specials out now it actually went along with the main series. This was a great inside look at who all the characters are . Now I can see why some of them do the things they do. As always Cullen Bunn is knocking it out of the park.

Please go pick this entire series up either in single issues or trade. Just buy it!
Final Score
Story 5 out of 5
Art 4 out of 5
Buy it ! Love it !

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