Gotham by Midnight # 5
Story Ray Fawkes
Art Ben Templesmith
Published by DC Comics

It’s a giant size Spectre vs Ikkondrid The Corpse. Jim Corrigan has lost control of the Spectre. Ikkondrid is gonna take the lives and possibly the souls of millions of Gotham citizens if not stopped. If thats not bad enough, if the Spectre’s attention is turned toward the city he will cleanse it of its sin Old Testament style. Lt. Weaver will do anything he has to stop this from happening. Even if it means killing Jim.

Batman shows up and tries to help, then a shocker of a last page. This is a really good series. Start at issue 1 and you will be hooked.

Final Score
Story 4 out of 5
Art 4 out of 5
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