Howdy folks, it is Allen from the midwest to talk about my fanboy TV shows of the week. It was actually kind of a light week but I do have some comments. Plus a couple of bonus words at the end. As always, spoilers abound so read at your own risk.

The Walking Dead – This show is between seasons but I do have a mea culpa on something I misconstrued. When Morgan subdues the 2 wolves and puts them in the car, I thought when he honked the car horn he was calling walkers. Numerous people have pointed out that he was actually checking for walkers before he left them. “All life is precious!” Face palm for Allen.

Flash – No episode this week but if you can find it look for a video titled “Superhero Fight Club”. This is pure fan service by the CW. The CW is proving over and over that they know how to do this.

Izombie – This episode confused me more than I care to admit. They start with zombies camouflaging themselves? There is a whole zombie sub culture. How much time has this been going on? Who hasn’t had that time when you met you ex’s new other, friend zone city baby! I have to admit that changing personality every week is kind of getting old. Do not mess with the Triads! Blaine obviously doesn’t recruit based on brains. They pitched their idea to the one person most likely to rat them out (spoiler, she did). Now learning Kung Fu by eating brains is really cool. Clive has some depth, I’m really starting to enjoy his character. Ravi is another favorite, he helps her out and is cool with the whole zombie thing. So Blaine kills zombies, freezes them, and then thaws them out, I have to admit I was a little confused there.  I very much enjoy this show but I’m still on the fence on where and how they are going.

Marvel: Agents of SHIELD – You all know that I have been less than excited about this show lately. That changed about half way through the episode. Why are car salesmen always so smarmy on TV and in movies? I know some perfectly nice ones. Did anyone else get an Abbot and Costello vibe from the Hunter/Coulson scene? So Skye is in Li Che (spelling is optional)? Essentially the city of the Inhumans in the Himalayas. Since I’m essentially lazy, if there is an electric Inhuman I don’t know it. Now things start to get real! I want a set of cards that project a hologram (imagine how much nap time at work you could get!). Now Deathlocke shows up, absolutely awesome! I have to admit that the old trope of working the slide to chamber a round (making that sound) is getting old. Does Mai understand that being on the board just means that they can ignore her to do what they want? Ward is going to show back up, sign me up! And the best moment of the episode, Fitz and Simmons having a very public break up and then finding out they are in cahoots! When he opened the sandwich in the taxi with the note I teared up a little bit. I’m now back to being invested in this show.

Arrow – See my comments above about the video. I actually squeeded!

Constantine – I just learned that it has been canceled. I was worried that it would happen. This was an excellent show and I felt it had a future. SMH

Grimm – So does being a Hexenbiest make you a bitch? So far 3 of the 5 we have seen are? Being frozen to death by a Wessen may be one of the ugliest ways to die. Wu is still one of my favorite characters, his dialogue is awesome. So is Nick becoming more of a Grimm over time? He shows enhanced hearing in this episode. Juliette proves she is a bitch again with all of her friends and freaks Rosalee the heck out! Adalind is very preggers and also still a bitch (seeing the thread here people?). One of the great things about this show is how Nick has to balance being a Grimm with being a cop. I think I saw a bare butt in the pile! I love how Monroe counts 1, 2, 3, go and Hank is still standing there after they all haul ass. Now here is the one thing that bugged me. I’m a good ole boy who has been in many a barn. Barn doors are two types, first is the one you pull open from the outside, the second is the sliding door variety. This barn was a sliding door yet they put a shovel in the handles (which wouldn’t do crap!). So Nick (the Grimm) makes them put everyone back because it’s the right thing to do (good for Nick). How they put the frozen bad guy in the taxi and left him was hilarious. Good episode but I’m about over Juliette.

Random thoughts. Free Comic Book day is May 2 and Age of Ultron opens that weekend so I will try to hit both. If you get a chance to watch the new Ant Man trailer watch it, it changed my mind about going to see the movie. I will be reviewing the Netflix “Daredevil” series on here but it have to wait til the summer hiatus. I just have too many shows to watch. I’ve heard good things.

I’m Allen from the rural depths of the midwest signing out.

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